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Peace: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Apr 2013

The theme for April 2013 KVR Cafe Contest was:
Flash Forward/Future Sound

This month you are asked to submit an entry from fifty years in the future. You may (but are not required to) build a time machine or you may use your imagination to reproduce and/or invent the future sound of KVR.
I had two different ideas to start with; 1. Peace and 2. Automated music machine. I started working on both the tracks. Unfortunately, the second one didn't go anywhere beyond the intro. So ended up submitting Peace.The vision that I have for 2063 is, no war or terrorism. No religion, no caste, no discrimination. Everyone will live peacefully. Air will be fresh, water will be pure and music will be simple.

Host: Reaper 4
Instruments: Sonic Synth 2, Wusikstation 6  and free Loops / samples downloaded from Music Radar website
Effects: ReaComp, ReaEQ, ReaGate, ReaVerb, Voxengo MSED, P&M EchoFlex, ToneBooster's Barricade
Mastered in Ozone 5.

Feedback and comments by fellow contestants:

el-bo (formerly ebow)
very evocative of the title, and one polished mo'fo of a piece…..really enjoyed it, not much more to say…it just works

folderol Probably the only optimistic entry in the set. Nicely done.

VicDiesel A vision of the future that I'll be happy to see. Lovely.

Cu Sith
So glad people will still be makin' love in 2063. Very polished. Great selection of sounds. Excellent composition. All around really liked it.

forw not my cup of tea but sounds/mixing etc. is just very convincing

Refreshing utopian concept and a really good song. Lots of tasty production elements. The drums and bass groove were well done, but their sharp attacks distracted me from the concept. Would have preferred if the track remained with the beautiful peaceful mood of the first fifty seconds.

Irion Da Ronin
Wow, precious beginning. Well mastered and good composition. A sensual jazzy touch with the brass section.

Update: Ended up at #9.

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