Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DesignDesk, The Project Design Platform for Everyone

We see a myriad of release news for effects and instruments everyday but none of this nature. This is quite different than your regular plugins. DesignDesk is a new concept that will help you turn your ideas and concepts into working organized projects. Sounds exciting? Well, imagine working on a project in which you have to open multiple applications, navigate to too many files. Doesn't it give you a headache just thinking about how to organize such a large project? On top of that, imagine if you have to revisit that project after a few months or years and find that some files are missing. Yes, I know you have back ups but is it there or missing? There are too many questions. Personally I find it a big waste of time looking for the missing files / objects of a large project when we could have organized everything in a proper way to begin with. Well, this is where DesignDesk comes into picture and is going to provide some "Peace of mind". It's a combination of project repository, design toolkit and collaborative platform. It will help you gather all your project files in one repository, allow you to work on them with a bunch of included design tools and then package everything into one neatly organized package. It cannot be any simpler than that :-)

DesignDesk concept is simple – choose your tools, gather your files and allow all of your tools to access those files. Finished with the project? No problem, just click a button and your files then get packaged for you. Working collaboratively? Awesome, just package up your project and push it to one of many different cloud services. How exciting.

Here is a screen shot of DesignDesk dashboard:

I would recommend a visit to the product page (link below) to see the features, examples, downloads and FAQs:


DNR is also giving away a free copy of "Organic Compound" to everyone who shares their enthusiasm on all social network sites. You can also take part of in the "DesignDesk Pledge" which ends on 16-May.

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