Saturday, March 23, 2013

What the Funk: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Mar 2013.

The theme for March 2013 KVR Cafe Contest was:
This month you are asked to submit an entry in the genre of funk (as you understand it).
This was my entry for March 2013 KVR Cafe Contest. The challenge was to create a track in Funk genre and this is my interpretation of the theme with a little bit of Jazz thrown in. This is my first entry in 2013. I missed the Jan and Feb contest.

Host: Reaper 4
Instruments: Sonik Synth 2, Dimension Pro, Wusik Eve and some loops from the Magix/eJay loop CDs that I bought 12 years back :-)
- Magnus Ambience Reverb (Best freeware reverb, IMO of course)
- Minimal Sound Delay Studio
- FabFilter Timeless 2
- VoS DensityMkIII
- jsCompShaper
- jB Ferox
- Melda MXXX
- PM Clarisonix
- ReaComp, ReaEQ, ReaGate
- Voxengo StereoTouch

Mastered in Ozone 5.

Feedback and comments by fellow contestants:

SatYatunes - What the Funk
Nice intro. Even nicer wah guitar! This has an almost Mexican flavour with the brass stabs and general rhythm. Very tasty.
Punchy sounds, a nice jazzy vibe, phantastic saxophone towards the beginning. This is really grooving - apart from the string and brass riffs in my opinion which are strangely stiff sounding. I was waiting for that virtuoso jazz solo but it didn't happen. I love the bubbling wah effect in the very ending.
one of the leads I like, the other one definitely not
Nice wah guitar. Sax and strings not quite convincing though
Overall nice track, good punchy mix. Great opening section, didn't like a couple of the synth lead sounds, but then other sounds were suitably funky and worked well, I liked the brass
Great bass line and horn hits. Soul strings are very cool and good sax! Like the solo synth patch.
That bassline is amazing, and fits perfect with the incoming wahwahs, also the brassy lead. Another track controlling my head. The strings could be a bit better though. Nice track in any case.
el-bo (formerly ebow)
A nice idea, but just way too rigid in execution for this style...ended up squeezing all the funk out of it….the sax and wah chords seem to be the only things that have any kinda lilt and sway….really loving the lead sound at 1:37 , really brings to mind 'trouble man' soundtrack by marvin gaye…would have loved more of it…think there's also a bit too much different elements in it…would love to see it stripped back and given more feel to the groove 
The funkiest drums+bass+guitars combination.Some others choices of sounds a bit dubious though (the strings!!!). 
Ended up at #6:

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