Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Angels and Monks: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Sep 2012

The theme for the September KVR Cafe contest was:
The Human Voice
This month you are asked to submit an entry using only the human voice. This can be your own voice or recordings/samples (ONLY those you have the legal right to use). Any and all effects and/or sound manipulation are allowed as long as the source is the human voice.
NOTE: For the purposes of this contest clicks, clucks, pops, etc. made with the mouth are included in the definition of the human voice. 
The bass sound is actually not a bass but the same sound as the melody, played on lower octaves. I personally love the angelic choir and the monks sound, hence the title. All the sounds used in this track is from Tone2 ElectraX Vocalic Soundset. I hope you like it. 

Technical Details:
Host: Sonar X1 Expanded 
Wavosaur for creating MP3 
Instrument plugin: Tone2 Electrax and onboard effects especially the Cathedral Reverb 
Effects: BiFilter, VC-64 Vocal Channel Strip x3, VladG Limiter 6, VoS DensityMkII, BuzzMaxi3 

Credits: Track picture was taken by me from an aircraft.

Update: This one ended up much below in the list than expected :-)

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