Saturday, September 01, 2012

Sa Nyu Wa (Home of the Eagle): Dune BE OSC Contest Entry, Aug 2012.

Sa Nyu Wa is the eagle point in Grand Canyon West Rim where they have made the Skywalk. It means home of the eagle. I took the above picture during my vacation in GC last year. It's an amazing place. If you look closely to the center of the above picture, you will see the mountain is shaped like an Eagle, hence the name. Hope you enjoy the track.

Used 14 instances of Dune (Beat Edition) to create this track. It's an amazing plugin. The first thing that caught my attention is it's CPU usage. It's a highly optimized CPU friendly plugin. I didn't have to bounce any track until I was almost finished with the composition. I can never say that for many other plugins that I have. I bounced the tracks only during mixing as it started stuttering when I added loads of effects.

Technical Details:
DAW: Sonar X1 Expanded
Synths used: Dune BE (14)
Effects used:
Sonitus Compressor, Delay (2) and Reverb (4). Sonitus is part of Sonar X1.
ValhallaFreqEchoMk1, Compressive on Drum Bus
Cakewalk StudioVerb2 (4), Tempo Delay (2), Channel Tool, Boost11 Peak Limiter and Analyst
Dynamic Range = 11

Above picture was taken by me.

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