Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mixed Emotions: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Aug 2012.

Composed this track for KVR Cafe Contest, Aug 2012. The theme for the contest was
A Day at the Beach / Beachsongs Only - You've just had (or you are having or you are looking forward to) a day at the beach. Sun, sand, water, maybe eyefuls of skin, maybe corn dogs, skittering garbage, bits of glass . . . Tell us about it.
This theme reminded me the Philippines trip. I have been to several beaches but this trip always comes to my mind when I think about the beach. In 2009, I visited Manila for 6 weeks for project work. While I was there the local project team arranged a team event and we all went to Batangas. I forgot the name of the resort but it has a nice beach at the back. We spent the morning and major part of the afternoon in the team events, water sports, etc. By evening I was very tired and was sitting at a secluded area of the beach. As it was little away from the public, it was calm and quiet. Sitting there all alone enjoying the sunset, the crystal clear sound of waves. I remember I was going through some mixed emotions. While I was missing my family badly :-( at the same time I was bit happy to have met some nice people. I tried to capture my mixed emotions in this track. Hope you will enjoy listening.

Tools used:
DAW: Sonar X1
Plugins: Dimension Pro, WusikStation, Dune BE
Effects: Sonitus Reverb, ProChannel Compressor and Eq, AfterShockDelay, LimiterNo6, ReflexFree

Credits: Above picture was taken by me.

Update: The contest is over, this one ended up at #6 out of 21.

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