Thursday, October 25, 2012

Untitled Horror Movie - Scene 13: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Oct 2012.

The theme for the October 2012 KVR Cafe Contest was:
The Horror
This month you are asked to submit music for an imaginary horror movie. 
This is the soundtrack for scene 13 of my imaginary horror movie. The scene goes something like this: 
Hospital scene:
Detective Gordon: Hello Mr. Alex, I am detective Gordon. I am investigating this case and need to ask you a few questions. How did you end up in that house?
Mr. Alex: Hi detective. I hate flying so I decided to drive to Selveda which is only 4 hours away. I was crossing through the forest when it started raining hard and suddenly my car broke down. I reached for my cell but there was no signal. I looked around and saw this house not far away. Faint light was coming through the window upstairs. I saw a shadow moving. I headed towards the house, knocked on the door but no one answered. I was about to return when the door opened. I asked "is anyone here?" as I stepped inside. The door suddenly slammed shut, I looked back but saw no one. Somehow, I could not shake this eerie feeling of being watched. I slowly start moving towards these faint voices which were coming from upstairs. I remember stepping on a toy, then I heard giggles of a small child. Something inside me was telling me to go back but I kept walking towards it. It was like the voices were beckoning me and leading me towards something.
Detective Gordon: then what happened?
Mr. Alex: I heard melancholy cry of a woman. I felt as if someone was standing right behind me. I could feel and hear the breath of someone on the back of my neck.
Detective Gordon: then?
Mr. Alex: I heard a loud scream. Someone hit me and I fell down the stairs. I couldn't move, just lay there. Next thing I remember is waking up here in this hospital. 
Technical Details:
DAW: Sonar X1 
Plugins: Dimension Pro, WusikStation, SampleTank 
Effects: Sonitus Reverb, ProChannel Compressor and Eq, T-Racks 3 for mastering 

1. All FX Sounds courtesy and 
2. The track picture is actually 3 pics combined into one. It was taken by me in Whaley House, San Diego. According to the Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted, the house is the number one most haunted house in the United States. 
3. Thanks to my beloved wife for her help in developing the script

Update: This track ended at #7 out of 32. Here is a snapshot of the result:

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