Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Abduction: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Jun 2012.

This was my entry for June 2012 KVR cafe contest. The theme for the contest was a picture taken in 1958/59. Yes, the one that you see in the track picture above. Now imagine the scene after, the scene after she takes her hand off of her eyes. What does she see? futuristic warships, strange looking objects flying, strange looking creatures everywhere. Humans being tortured, killed and taken as prisoners. Who are these people? Aliens? Oh, they have invaded us? Are they trying to take over our beloved planet? Too many questions crops up in her mind, just as she tries to get a grip on herself. she sees her son, aliens trying to capture him. Poor little boy fighting to get away from them. She cries out for help. She runs towards them, fights with them with all her strength, tries to rescue her son but it's hopeless. They are powerful, she cannot do anything. They throws her out of the ship and takes her son with them. Just as the ship disappears into the sky, she lies there helplessly, tears running from her eyes. The memories flashes back in her mind. The beautiful memories of her son playing.

DAW: Sonar X1 Expanded
Effects: Studioverb, Limiter No6, AriesVerb, ProChannel EQ and Compressor on most of the tracks, NastyDLA
Synths: Dimension Pro, Sonik Synth 2, Free Soundfonts

Some reviews from various sources:
Hans zimmert wieder an seinen Stakketen. dramatic build up, well done and well mixed. cinematic oddbodery.
This is certainly very well produced and powerful piece of music in the style of modern age blockbuster movie soundtracks and it would work very well in that context. From a personal point of view however, as a piece of stand alone music, I'm afraid it doesn't really do much for me.
Great percussion and very nice arrangement. Excellent cinematic production. Love those strings. The helicopter sound is a nice touch (though perhaps not appropriate for the time period from the photo?) - I didn't realize on first listen it was in the recording because of the police helicopters that fly over my house literally every night where I live in Philly.
4lb Kitty:
Very cool! Great sounds, great composition, tons of emotion. Great track!
I like this piece of music very much. Besides being so cinematic, the theme and arrangement just works for me. It has a lot going for it - it's short, sweet, and dynamic. Good luck in the contest.
I would be making chit up if I tried to crit this. I think its brilliant. I dunno how you made it, don't care. I may hire you when I make the movie for TOMM
Very nicely done and a great sound for the picture you were suppose to use in its creation. Fit very nicely from what I could see and hear. Nice work and good luck on the contest. Peace be with you. Blessings, John

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