Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hide and Seek: Cinematique Contest Entry

I had been toying with the idea of creating a soundtrack since a long time but never really gave it a try. I was highly motivated when I saw the Cinematique contest webpage at The challenge was to create a track similar to the demo tracks available on their website. The theme of the track is "Hide and Seek". Used Sonar X1D expanded and Dimension Pro, Free Soundfonts, etc.

Reviews from KVR thread:
Nice instrument sound. Very authentic and yes progressive. Would add to my playlist.
Laguna Rising:
Wow ! I like it, I had a couple of listen, and it is convincing: very good composition for its structure and melody. You kept the arrangement rather simple and avoided the temptation of doubling all parts with different instruments. That's good. Very effective
Well done, Cheers
Really good - I like the way it builds and builds. Is this part of a longer work? The ending sounded as though it was leading into another section...

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