Sunday, March 25, 2012

Light Path: KVR Cafe Contest Entry, Mar 2012

Submitted this track for KVR Cafe Contest, March 2012. The theme for the contest was:
You're Getting Veeeeerrry Sllleeeeeepy...
This month you are asked to submit a hypnotic entry. What does that mean? Let's find out.
Sadly, the track didn't get enough votes, most of the people complained that it didn't fit the theme. It ended up at #27 out of 31 with 21 points.

Technical Details:
Host: Sonar X1D
Synths: Alchemy Player, Synth 1, Session Drummer, TruePiano, Dimension Pro
Effects: AriesVerb, FNequalizer, Vlad Limiter6 Beta, Pro-channel and other stock effects that comes with Sonar

Reviews from KVR Audio forum:
pljones:More rain - sounds more realistic, too. But very wide awake.
Lovely evocative piano and bells at the start. Definitely too up tempo to be hypnotic once the drums kick in. And too much variation also. A wonderfully constructed track however, with just the occasional minor quibble in the mix (the guitar solo is too loud and aggresive for the rest of the track). Most other months, this would be right up in the top ten.
Another very enjoyable entry, but one that wakes me up and makes me want to listen to it!
Really love that main melody part that starts it off and ends it. Pure gold. The other instrumentation comes in nicely. I especially like the compositional change when the drums drop out around 1:50. Beautiful. I thought the drums themselves were overly busy, and too dry in the mix for my taste.
Doc Jon:
Aaargh, top track, killer piano hook and great instrumentation. This gave me the most trouble this month, I liked it so much and yet there's just no way I would describe it as hypnotic. Extra special honourable mention, just no points, sorry!

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