Monday, August 15, 2011

Neuro Jingle Contest Entry.

Stumbled upon this Neuro drink song competition the other day. They need an original song for their :60 second spot “Candy Shop”. Well, it’s been a while since I have been thinking of scoring a video. The timing couldn’t be better. To be very honest, the video is not that great. After 15 second it looks like they’ve stitched some random clips together. It doesn’t represent the product well. Initially I had a hard time to come up with something cause the first 15 seconds are poles apart from the rest. After so many different tunes, I finally ended up with a Drum & Bass track for the spot. To me it fits nicely to the later part of the spot and in the beginning I used some pads, etc to build up the theme. Here is the final video:

DAW: Sonar X1c. 

Some reviews from the Cakewalk / KVR forum:
mike_mccue: It seems like you are spot on right up to 31 seconds... you are hitting the cues and building excitement. After 31 seconds it's redundant and ambiguous... which is an ironic match for the actual product which seems to be a color coded sugar something ambiguous experience. I don't have a suggestion because I don't think the video cut offers much to work with. It's a 30 second commercial in a 60 second container. If anything I think you might try to build a second rise of excitement for the second act that is nearer the end of the time slot... but I'm not sure how to cull that from the visuals because they are sort of matter of fact after 31 seconds. Perhaps explore the idea that "nuero" lets you express your self as many things by bringing in different cues for the various activities.
Starise: Nice job there. I think I gained 5 pounds just watching the first part.
LpMike75: I like it, nice job. If your looking for suggestions I think it would be cool to do something when the motorcycle scene slows down, but what you have done works and sounds good.
Rimshot: Good job. There are two parts. First part is good. Second part fit well but needed a guitar solo or some crunch to match the excitement onscreen. Then, stop the beat drop way back when fade to the family ocean scene with some big swells. So you would have candy (pads and swirls), action (big guitars), ending (swell to major chord). That's my take. Was it fun to do?
Janet: I don't watch that much TV, so I'm prolly not a good judge, but I thought it was well-done. I fleetingly wondered if you could have done something more laid-back when the girl was smelling the flower and the people were running in the surf. But they were on the screen so short a time, I'm not sure how you'd do that in the middle of that great beat. Anyway, well done! Oh, and the music is perfect when those two pieces of candy smash into each other. Great build up! Did you mean you couldn't view the frames while writing the music? Then how did get it to line up so well? Just view it in another player?

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