Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sunshine: Superwave-P8 OSC Contest Entry, Feb 2011.

- OSC stands for One Synth Challenge.
- The challenge is to create a track with just   one virtual synth for all sounds and percussion.
- External effects can be used, but only from host or easily available freeware.
- Contest runs monthly on KVR Audio forum.
- Winner is selected by voting

This was my entry for Superwave P8 One-Synth-Challenge, February 2011. It’s a very good synth capable of creating a wide variety of sounds.

Technical Details
DAW: Reaper
Synth: Superwave P8 (12)
FX: AriesVerb, EpicVerb, IQ4, Easy-Q, Son-EQ and Modern Spacer.

Update: The track ended up at #9 out of 19 tracks.

Reviews and feedback (Copied from KVR Audio Forum):
Happy Frog: Outstanding very beautiful piece and well produced you have a great ability to get great hats etc., sound out of this VST nice work great
bjporter: Like: Great strings in the intro. The lead is really beautiful, and fits perfectly with the melody. Interesting melody, keeps one into the groove. I feel like I'm on a trippy high school field trip to pluto or uranus. Nice use of saw pad. Interesting bassline - integrated very well, didn't notice it until later. Absolutely love the bass and kick combo, because it feels very heavy on the thump. You feel the low end. The pads and melody around 2:00 is simple but awesomely effective, and really pulls this part of the song together, and changes it up effectively.
Con: I wish that saw pad in the back was a bit louder, because that was a nice touch. Wasn't fond of the percussion, but the rhythm was effective, and pulled the song together. In the beginning of the breakdown around 1:00-1:06 there's a melody that doesn't quite seem to fit, or maybe needed a change of notes for me to really feel it. However at 1:30 it really picks up again melodically.
Doc Jon: small but perfectly formed!
Yeager: SOLID! good compo/sounds, good production.
capdanX: nice melody, like someone already wrote, this is what Superwave P8 is invented for, nice lush supersaw sounds but I also like the snare (4-5)
tattiemannie: This is so powerful! All sounds are strong but that snare cuts deep!! On reflection having listened a few times and enjoyed the snare, it is perhaps in a place which throws a false perspective on the tonality of the whole, but it gets my blood pumping all the same.

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