Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Zebralette presets.

I present you two of my own Zebralette patches. Yup, only two. There was this Zebralette patch contest going on in KVR audio forum in Jan 2011, I saw the thread just one day before the submission date. The challenge was to create and submit at most two patches. So, I created two patches for Zebralette and submitted just couple of hours before the deadline. I was surprised (rather shocked) to see one of my patch ("heaven") ending up at second position in the contest. On one hand, I was disappointed that I didn't win but on the other hand I was very happy that I learned quite a bit on sound programming for Zebralette. So that's it. Follow this link if you want to browse the thread on KVR audio forum for the whole story.

Zebralette patch contest thread
Voting thread

If you visit the voting thread above you can download all the patches submitted by all the contestants in one zip file. A total of around 30-odd patches for free.


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