Saturday, August 06, 2011

'Summer Rain' music video.

Independent film maker Hiren Dave created this video for my track 'Summer Rain'. An excellent video that suits the mood of the song perfectly.

Concept / Camera / Editing: Hiren Dave 
Music: Satya Choudhury 

Reviews and feedback (Copied from KVR Audio Forum):
digitalmessiah: Nice chill-out song with Indian instruments and vocals fused in. The pads are subtle and nicely mixed in the background. I love those green mangos. It reminds me when I was in the Philippines.
folderol: Very nice indeed. Vid and song are well matched.
elwoodblues1969: I love the exotic,seductive nature of the music & video,but what seemed to have began as a hi fidelity piece of music,somehow got murdered in the conversion there is a distinct garbled sound to it. Overall,there's a very low bit-sounding,digitized characteristic to it & I'm really curious as to why that is.

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